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Take a Horseshoe Bend Road Trip to Sonora, Arizona

Arizona’s favorite tour is the Horseshoe Bend Road Trip. From Phoenix, it takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes for the ride to the Horseshoe Bend. You will find the bend at the confluence between three rivers that supply the Grand Canyon. It’s not far from Phoenix’s Maricopa County Visitors Bureau or Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce.

You will need to travel a quarter-mile to reach the Horseshoe Bend to get into the Canyon. Signs are posted for the Maripoache tribe as well as Indian burial grounds and picnic areas. The amazing scenery can be seen by hiking the road. Cedar Point can be found just after the South Rim Road exit. It is quite spectacular from this location. To the west are the ruins of the Hoover Dam.

You will find good parking at the visitor center when you reach the end of the road trip. You will also find restrooms and a restaurant. A swimming pool is available and a Jacuzzi are also available at this hotel. You can travel very economically from Phoenix to San Diego by renting a San Diego car.

Flagstaff will be on your return journey from your horseshoe bend adventure. You can find many activities in this area of Arizona, such as camping, hiking and climbing. Flagstaff boats tours might be the perfect choice for your next adventure.

Start your journey by traveling up to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Seven miles high, the rim extends. The incredible, lighted sky with clear angel wings can be seen at the summit of this climb. Unknown photographer may have taken the image of the rising Sun just above Grand Canyon’s edge.

Flagstaff is a much more northerly destination than you would need to travel if you don’t want to stop at the canyon’s rim for your photo. On your way you will stop in the town of Lake Powell where you can take a panoramic photo of the waterfalls, mountains, and desert. This great photo of Arizona’s waterfalls might just be what you need to guide your horseshoe Bend tour.

When you plan to visit the Grand Canyon, and the surrounding areas, be sure to stop by one of Arizona’s most beautiful National Parks. The Maricopa County in Arizona is Horseshoe Bend National Park. This is the Southwest’s most-visited park. Visit the nearby ghost city of Sedona if you are interested in a rare encounter with nature.

When you are planning a trip to Arizona with your family it is important that you make time to stop by the beautiful state of Sonora. A few hours drive north of Phoenix you will find the largest city in Arizona, and one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Sonora is a historic town known for its Spanish mission houses and Old West feel. While you are in this beautiful desert town, you may want to stop in the western edge of town for some incredible Sonoran hot chocolate, chili dogs, or even some authentic Mexican food.

You can ride your motorcycle southwards from Sonora towards Palm Springs. When you are traveling through the desert, there will be two main differences. One is the entry fees. These are much lower than those you’d find in big touristy cities. Many outdoor activities are available once you have reached Palm Springs. One of the most popular activities for travelers while traveling through Sonora, Arizona, is climbing the “Savior Mountain.”

Only a few hours from Sonora you can travel through the Phoenix region to discover the “Phantom Coast.” Amazing views are offered by the Phantom Coast, which offers stunning views over the Southern desert. Wailua-opa is a Hualapai Native American village that sits right at the base of the Shuswap Mountains. It’s one of the area’s most striking features. About 40 tribes of Native Americans live in this small desert settlement. You should add a stop at Wailuaopa village to your route to Sonora.

Once you reach Phoenix you will be able to visit another fascinating desert town of Sedona. Sedona sits less than three hours from the main California city of Sacramento. This charming community is home to many hiking and biking trails as well as desert camping. If you enjoy visiting old dusty hotels in the small towns that dot the San AZ mountains, you will want to make a reservation at the Alta Loma Hotel & Spa. You can visit the beautiful hotel and spa in their original glory. An entire afternoon at the spa will totally fill you up, but it is important that you stay in order to avoid the highly attractive entrance fees that can follow.