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Spain – Where to go?

Spain, an EU country, is divided into 17 distinct areas. Each area has its own climate and landscape. Madrid, the urban centre, is home to both Madrid’s Royal Palace and Prado museum. Both museums house great European artworks. Barcelona boasts a intact medieval castle (The Alcazar), and an aquatic theatre (Sant Pau). Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona has an impressive medieval castle (The Alcazar) and a modernistic aquatic theatre (Sant Pau). Segovia’s Gothic cathedral (Sant Paseo de Gracia), is impressive, and Barcelona boasts one of Europe’s best port facilities.

Some of the most popular tourist areas in Costa del Sol are located on Canary Islands. Costa del Sol houses apartments and resorts designed for British tourists and German tourists visiting Spain specifically for beaches. Many tourists visit Spain to take in its sun, sandy beaches, and beautiful scenery. Costa del Sol has excellent watersports and golf facilities.

The Tivoli Garden is located in Torremolinos. The original purpose of this garden was to be used by the Royal Court of Venice. Tourists who love to wander along narrow stone paths filled with flowers or tropical plants will enjoy the Tivoli Gardens. Located near the village of Torremolinos this garden has been decorated by Hieronymus Bosch. The garden also has a few small cafés that offer local al-fresco dining. Torremolinos, home to around 150 different species of tropical birds makes it an excellent spot for bird-spotting.

Benidorm is the place to be if you want to see some extraordinary spots to visit in Spain. Benidorm can be found in the north part of the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for the amazing coastline with various tourist spots like Benidorm beach, Granada’s Old Town and even the Gothic Cathedral. Tourists from across Europe visit Benidorm to take part in numerous boat trips. Tourists in Benidorm enjoy sunbathing on the local beaches and relaxation.

Barcelona is another of the wonderful tourist spots in Spain. You will find many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants where you can enjoy your time with friends and family. People come here to take in the culture of Barcelona and its lovely beaches. The fun in Barcelona can be kept occupied for one whole day if you decide to go to its central bar district.

Santa Pola is located in the Extremadura region. This village is known also as “the pearl village”. It is a small fishing community and is full of beautiful gardens and quaint little buildings that contain paintings of local artistry. The Venice of the Balearic Islands is a well-known tourist attraction that has existed for many decades. Its bay is very clean and well organized, making it easy for yachts to dock and leave their lines without a problem.

Murcia is the best place to go to experience true Spanish culture. It is located in the south of the Costa Blanca and is home to some of Spain’s most incredible tourist spots. You will also find the charming town of Polirritmo. This is well-known for its cobblestone streets. Murcia has many wonderful hotels and bed and Breakfasts.

Benidorm can be a beautiful place to enjoy your holiday. You will be able to find endless sights of great architecture all throughout the city. Benidorm has many things to offer all age groups. It is Spain’s most ancient city. It is possible to locate a hotel within your budget, as well as some amazing tourist destinations in Spain.