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Sofia Restaurants – Bulgary

The world famous restaurants in Sofia, Bulgaria are some of the best in Europe. Some of their most delicious meals are available. You can find them all over the city. This is a partial list.

La Strada restaurant is great for Mediterranean cuisine. It has a location just opposite of the old Town Hall in Soppelia. This restaurant is one of the oldest in Sofia. It offers delicious food at very low prices.

Italian restaurant Marzio. It features some delicious Italian dishes. You can find pasta, salads and pizza here. You will also get some vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes here. This is a great place for families as it caters for all sizes of them.

La Perloga Restaurant is a family owned restaurant. You must go to this restaurant if you love food. There are many Italian dishes to choose from. Here you can find pasta, sandwiches, and many other dishes. The restaurant serves wine and beer. It is affordable, and it offers good quality.

La Fortuna Restaurant is located one block from the city center in Sopaulo. It’s one of the top restaurants in town. There are many great international and local options. You will find a variety of delicious local dishes, including pizzas and spaghetti.

La Costanera can be found near Sofia’s Olympic Park. The cuisine here consists mainly of traditional Spanish cuisine. Tourists love this restaurant for its delicious local seafood. You can also enjoy sea fish steam with vegetables.

La Trattoria is located in the heart of Sofia and it is one of the most popular restaurants in Sofia. The delicious Mediterranean food is influenced by local traditions. It is situated on a large terrace with sweeping views of the river. You can order pastas or salads from the restaurant.

One of the best restaurants in Sofia is La Trattoria. This popular spot is loved by both locals and tourists alike. This restaurant offers authentic Italian food, a great wine list and wonderful local wines. The restaurant is one the best in Sofia. Sofia is home to many great Italian restaurants.

La Trattoria in Sofia is also a great place to eat. It is just next to La Trattoria, and is an excellent place to check out what the restaurant has to say. The restaurant can be found near Marbella Beach. Local wines and beers are on offer at this restaurant.

Near the Duarte beach is the Podhume restaurant. The restaurant offers Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. It has an old world style ambience and a bar. All staff speak French and Italian. You will find great wines here and a very reasonable price.

Pizzeria Maria is another excellent place to eat in Sofia. This casual restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere. This is a popular restaurant near the coast. This restaurant is open every day except Sunday. The restaurant has been frequented often by celebrities and sports figures. The majority of people who dine at this restaurant are with their families.

Nuevo Restaurant is a great place in Sofia. It is close to Fuengirola. The perfect place to get a glimpse into the lives of locals, while also enjoying local cuisine.

These are some famous Sofia restaurants that people frequent. All of these restaurants are excellent and must be visited. While some are close to the coastline, others can be found closer to the city centre. There are a few more, but they are out of the way most of the time.