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North Carolina vacation spots to choose from

North Carolina can be found in the Southeastern United States. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and Georgia on the west and South Carolina on the east. The Atlantic Ocean is on its immediate south. Tennessee lies to the northwest. The area is diverse and offers everything that a tourist could want in a vacation spot.

North Carolina’s most famous tourist area is the Western Coast Plain. You will find beautiful beaches and exciting activities along with historical shipyards and amusement parks. There are many attractions nearby, including the Great Smoky Mountains. They offer hiking, camping, and skiing opportunities. Here are the Blue Ridge Mountains’ highest peaks. This area is popular for hiking.

You will find some of North Carolina’s best tourist attractions on the east coast. Raleigh boasts many well-known universities. Capital Square Park has been renamed to honor General George Washington. It is an excellent place for shopping, eating, and seeing historical landmarks. Raleigh is home to major events like horse racing and ice skating. NASCAR races are just a few of the other Raleigh events.

Holly Springs can be found in North Carolina’s far southwest corner. This is where the gold rush began. Because the gold rush brought an influx of people to this area, the hotels and restaurants became very prosperous. Holly Springs has become a tourist hot spot during North Carolina residents’ stays.

Buncombe County boasts some of North Carolina’s most stunning scenery and popular tourist destinations. Buncombe is the location of Transylvania National Trail. Another popular tourist spot here is Cielo Falls. Cielo waterfall is actually part of an Appalachian foothill. Visitors can enjoy a walk around the geysers that rise from the steep cliffs.

The Black Mountain and Bear Mountain are popular attractions along the Black River banks. You can find the Black River peak just below Great Smoky Mountains. Black Mountain hosts four different seasons. Black Mountain is a prime location for snow-boarding and skiing in the summer. It offers a variety of ski and snowboarding slopes, so you can do both. Black Mountain also offers hiking, which is a great way to get out and enjoy nature.

Currituck Beach and Surfside are two other tourist hot spots in North Carolina. These two areas are home to some of the best beaches in the state. North Carolina is a wonderful place to go on a beach vacation. While you are on these beaches, make sure you check out “shack surfing”.

Tourists won’t even have to go out of their hotel rooms when they visit North Carolina beaches. There are many hotels in the area that offer packages for beach vacations. You should check to make sure your hotel has such an offer.

If you’d rather spend your days sightseeing while in North Carolina, there are a number of other tourist spots that are found in the area. Folly beach is an excellent spot to enjoy an afternoon. Folly Beach can be described as a “virtually virgin” island. The Atlantic Ocean separates Folly Beach from the mainland. You’ll find a wide variety of wildlife here, making it one of North Carolina’s most-visited beaches.

Rock City lies a little bit farther north. Rock City is an excellent place to explore if you enjoy shooting firearms. Hatteras Island houses the City of Rockland. The city is home to Native American culture and artifacts. You will also find more than 30 caves here, including the Lost Cave.

Visitors to North Carolina are sure to enjoy the Appalachian Mountains. You can find the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Northeast part of the state. There are many beautiful campsites and hiking trails in the Blue Ridge.

Many people benefit from North Carolina’s tourism each year. Every year, thousands visit North Carolina. Tourists spend their money in the various tourist attractions. The Tarheels’ visitors are not just there for the tourism. Tourists come to The Tarheels because of the wonderful beaches, delicious food and rich history.