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5 Tourist Spots in Tennessee

If you’re thinking of a trip to Tennessee there are couple of tourist attractions which you shouldn’t miss. These places will provide you with a true taste of Americana and make your stay one to remember. The following are my top five spots I recommend in Tennessee.

One: To the to the east of Nashville lies the Black Warrior Mountain. This is among the most sought-after hiking spots in the south and it is one of the top views of the south. It is very close all the way to Blue Ridge Parkway, which is considered to be one of the most stunning roads in the area. It is possible enjoy stunning views when walking along the Black Warrior Mountain Trail.

Two: Murristown Golf and Country Club is situated in Murristown, New Jersey. It’s among the most frequented country clubs in the northeast, and is a large part of its background. It was established in the late 1800s and is more than 100 years older. It also hosts the “Millionaire’s Row” – the place where the rich and famous of New Jersey come to play. Here you can play some golf.

Three: Belle Meade Island can be found on Belle Meade Island, North Carolina. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches that are in the region. It’s a wonderful spot to snorkel and swim. It is also the home of dolphins as well as manatees. There is also the Chasm of Needles National Monument near by. This is an excellent sight for those who live far from the shore.

Four: Atlantic City is located on the southern tip in the State of Delaware. It is the birth place of poker pro as well as Las Vegas native Steve Martin. Atlantic City is home to many shows. Atlantic City is among the top places in live entertainment. If you’re going to gamble and you’re going to gamble anywhere else, so you should definitely go to Atlantic City. Casinos are beautiful and luxurious.

Five: The Black River State Park is located within Blowing Rock. This is an excellent park with plenty of things to do. The area offers many activities on the water, like river rafting on the Black River. There is the option to place your car on the spot and admire the beauty of nature while you relax.

Six: The Murlicky Waters State Natural Park is located inside Blowing Rock, a mountain resort town in east Tennessee. The park has something for everyone who visits. A horseback ride, boating or just wandering about the park is all possible.

A small-sized group is often much easier than traveling alone, especially when there are some issues you must keep from thinking about when you’re traveling. No matter what you decide to do during your visit to the region There are plenty of great places to visit that are located in Tennessee. It’s easy to make plans and learn about the options available. Have fun traveling!

There are plenty of attractions in Blowing Rock, as well. There is an Nature Trail so you can walk and explore the mountains in various ways. Cedar Point also has a water park that allows you to swim and play. Many times there is also camping in the area.

The first: Quail Hollow Lodge is situated at Quail Lake in Blowing rock. The lodge was built originally in 1924. The interior of the lodge is stunning as are the many outdoor things to do. There is also a spa where you can get manicures and pedicures. The lodge also offers one of the best seafood eateries in the region.

Two: To the east in the Blue Ridge Mountains is the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire area. The park is open only to guests or park staff who are allowed to visit. The parking fee is applicable. While it’s not on the actual park property There are plenty of beautiful locations to explore from the location.

Three: The Roanoke Mountain Resort is a beautiful mountain getaway which is located within an hour of three major cities: Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis. Its mountain setting and its ease of access to the cities is what makes it one of more sought-after destinations located in Tennessee. It has a lovely pool, gym, and other amenities for hikers, equestrians as well as those who love cycling or taking long walks. There are also stunning trails.